Writing in Green

Her words, paragraphs and sentences

are in forms botanic and celestial.

Her thought appears in the twirl of a single leaf, at branch-end.

Leaf’s own tiny whirlwind of ecstasy,

insight and inspiration.

Praise words rise up from circles of fungi.

Alphabets of lichens and mosses decorate tall trees’ bark.

Sentences of instruction and thanksgiving

adorn moss-covered, stone altars.

Her writing is between cells, within cells,

winding, meandering, traversing, exploring

spaces, cells.

Her words are quasars, black holes, asteroids and comets

populating intracellular space.

Her writing is in the lines and spaces

on pages of texts, divine.

In holy names spelled in books and on breath

in prayers, chants and hymns.

Her writing is in the Holy Names of Trees,

Hills, Mountains, Fields, Fences and Farms.

Her writing is in buzzing, braying and lowing.

Her writing is in pen, hand and arm,

singing, moaning, calling, crying across time and space.

Finer, finer, deeper her writing goes

whispering, humming,

thundering, pounding, shouting.

Searching, penetrating cells’ walls,

moving through protoplasm

into the place of photosynthesis,

the making of Green.