Welcome to the Zetta Angus Papers. Thank you to the readers who have signed on to follow this project.

The Zetta Angus Papers are a collection of poetry and short fiction. Some of the pieces were written a number of years ago and some just before publication and some, a little of each.

I am based in Coastal British Columbia but have lived in other parts of Canada for periods of time. The art and photographs are mine unless otherwise noted.

The plan is to add work to this website on an ongoing basis. Some of the work has been waiting a long time to breathe. It needs a place beyond my computer.

The website name is intended to suggest, as it feels to me, that a cache of papers–poems, stories, drafts, musings–has been found and now, gradually, is being revealed, set free.

Contents of this website, including artwork and photography, copyright 2017-18, Site Administrator (unless otherwise noted on this website).