Opening the Box, Part 3

Rachel set the green pages down on her lap. She leaned back in the chair and stretched her arms above her head. The story she was reading was raising many questions in her mind. Who were these people? Where was this island? Was this the island mentioned in Island Poems? Did these two women in this story have anything to do with the island in the poems? Was Miranda the writer of the poems? And who had written the story of Muriel and Miranda?

And what about the green sailboat? That made Rachel most curious. She had held the small green boat from the old wooden box in her hands earlier in the day. Was it really the boat in the story? It must be. She was tempted to open the box again and take out the boat and look at it but she was also anxious to continue reading about Muriel and Miranda.

How did these women fit into what her father had described as a feminine inheritance? So far, Rachel thought she’d love to be related to one or both of them. But she did not yet know where the story might lead.

She glanced at the time and at the stack of green pages. She felt she could read a little more before she needed to sleep. She picked up the green pages and continued reading.