Fog in the pass

changes the sounds,

softens the cries of gulls.

Alters sizes,

cormorants grow larger.

One huge cormorant spreads his wings wide

as if to sail his log through the pass.

In the quiet,

among the trees,

drops of condensation

fall loudly to the ground below,

clicks like birdsong.

Crouched on your haunches,

you feel the mist trail her scarves

across your face

around your neck,

and between your legs,

releasing your power.

Energy pulses up from the Earth,

through your feet and legs.

You are empowered

to split open Her dream stones.

You are empowered

to let lose trapped spirit-faces,

drawn of lines, crystals, veins,

to reveal their secrets.

You are empowered

to release, from minerals’ grasp,

the flowers they cloak

and the trees they encapsulate.

You are empowered

to return to Her

some of Her own.