Unknown Teacher

For my teachers whose names are lost

She is your mother. 
She loved you.
She is the one who taught you 
all you needed to know.

She taught you to listen 
to the winds, the birds, the trees.

She taught you to see 
beyond the stars and down the halls of time.

She taught you how wind howls. 
She taught you how to call down the wolves.
She taught you plant powers and wisdom.
She taught you the power of your voice 
in valley echoes 
and in words thrown across rooms.

Now, you journey alone 
through time and space. 

You try to meet her again, 
summon her, 
conjure her presence, 
touch her once more.

You wish for the golden robe she gave you 
and the purple mist she blew round you. 

You find voices and spirits, 

But not her.

She remains the mystery,

beyond your reach.

You feel the animals she sent you 
and the words she gave you.

But they are mere wisps of what they were. 

Wolf and forest man grab your throat.

They want you to speak.

And she?