Missing You: An E-Mail “Correspondence”

Are you well?
	Reply: All that glitters is not gold.

I am glad you are well.
	Reply: Corn on the cob and green beans.

Are you enjoying your retirement?
	Reply: Haste makes waste

Are you well?
	No reply

Are you enjoying the weather?
	Reply: Dahlia bloomed.

Shall we visit?
	No reply

Are you well?
	Reply: Pigs fly

Are you O.K.?
	No reply

Are you well?
	Reply: Agony

I have discovered Eldorado
	Reply: Cuprous concupiscence 

Is anyone with you?
	Reply: Santa Maria

	Reply: B.V.M.

	No reply

Are you well? Did you read my essay?
	Reply: Aurora borealis tonight.

Did you see my essay?
	Reply: Forwarded: Upcoming Spring Festival in April

Do you remember me?
	Reply: Standing Stones

Are you well?
	Reply: Mother died.

Whose mother?
	Reply: Dog died

Whose dog?
	Reply: Mother’s dead.

Whose mother?
	Reply: Unknown

Are you well?
	Reply: Deep and dry.

Ha! Ha! Really, are you well?
	Reply: Sinful.

Really, how so? 
	Reply: Sparingly.

	No reply.

Are you well?
	Reply: Shallow and full

Stop it.
	Reply: Why do you ask?

Are you well?
	Reply: Assinine.

I persist. Are you well?
	Reply: Alive.

Thank you for your reply.
	Reply: You’re welcome.